MTK13H308 DPMS LR-308 Free Float Handguard High Profile KeyMod 13.5" - Quad Rails - Handguards

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SKU: MTK13H308
MPN: MTK13H308
UPC: 815879018304

DPMS LR-308 Free Float Handguard High Profile KeyMod 13.5"
This One piece 13.5 inch aftermarket free float handguard rail for AR-10 DPMS High Profile LR-308 upper receivers, fit DPMS AR-308 rifles. This LR-308 AR-10 KeyMod 13.5" Handguard features steel barrel nut and machined anti-rotation tabs. Free float handguard is sleek and ergonomic in the hand with seven rowes of KeyMod slots made from black hard anodized 6061 T6 aluminum. Steel mounting hardware to ensure easy rock solid installation. AR-10 KeyMod Handguard is lightweight and extremely durable. Picatinny top rail with plenty of attachment points for all your KeyMod accessories. Aim Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This rail system is designed to be compatible with most HIGH PROFILE LR-308 upper receiver and other upper receivers built to the DPMS high profile specification and barrel nut. Fits: DPMS-LR-308 High Profile Receivers and Clone Variants using the Same Dimensions.

Note: It will not mount flush with DPMS (Low Profile Upper Receivers) Please Check your model before you buy. We have low Low Profile handguard available if you need one.

Note DPMS Upper receivers manufactured (before August 2009 have a high profile receiver rail). DPMS Upper receivers manufactured after August 2009 have a low profile receiver rail.

Regular Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $89.99
You Save: $40.00
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