CVSRC2993B Buttstock Rifle Cartridge Holder - Mosin Nagant Accessories

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Buttstock Rifle Cartridge Holder
The black tactical elastic buttstock rifle cartridge holder-ammunition carrier is designed to snugly fit on the stock of your firearm. This butt-stock rifle cartridge holder is a perfect ammunition carrier for hunting and tactical rifles. It gives you quick access to your cartridges. This rifle stock cartridge holder is heavy duty, two-way stretch elastic. It will stretch over most standard rifle stocks and stay securely in place. The holder has 9 elastic loops for individual cartridges that will hold most hunting cartridges from.223,.308 and up. The length is 6.0 inches. The rifle cartridge shell holder can also be used for most smaller caliber shotgun shells, such as 28 gauge or 410.

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