R67-Black AR15 One Point Sling Black & Quick Release Buckle - Slings Rifle & Shotgun

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AR15 One Point Sling Black & Quick Release Buckle
The SWAT black military single point bungee with hk style spring snap sling hook is heavy duty and designed for ar-15 and m4 tactical rifles. This one point sling is ideal for military and law enforcement ar-15, m16, m4, mp5, and tactical shotguns. This tactical sling is fully adjustable to fit most body sizes comfortably, and it is constructed of durable 1 1/4" nylon webbing and heavy duty firm stretch elastic cords. The one point sling maintains its shape for easy use and allows for easy, movement of your gun while operating in tight spaces. The heavy duty elastic cord is attached to the rear of the qd metal sling clasp and allows the weapon to be carried close to the body while still maintaining the ability to quickly shoulder your weapon. Quick release buckle allows the adapter or rifle clip user to disconnect the firearm while keeping the sling on the user. Qd metal sling clasp connects fast and easy to receiver end plate sling adapters.

This Tactical single point sling actually speeds the shooter’s transition from long gun to side arm without loosing control of his weapon. Provides a secure cross shoulder carry that allows the shooter to easily aim and point rifles and shotguns equipped with a single sling attachment. Can be used for either right or left-hand carry.

This Is A Great One Point Sling Perfect For Any Body In U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and National Guard. Lilmited One Year Warranty.

Need Receiver End Plate Sling Adapter One Point Sling Mount we suggest Item #  TL-T6TD02 OR SPS1LA

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