Leapers UTG 40mm 5-Function LED Integrated Reflector Bulb IRB-ELS040

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UPC: 4712274529281

UTG 40mm, 6V 5-function LED IRB Replacement Bulb

UTG Replacement Bulb For LT-ELF240 UTG Long Range Spot Focus QD Weapon-mount & Handheld Multi-Function LED Flashlight One year limited warranty.

Replacement Bulb UTG 40mm, 6V 5-function LED IRB LED Integrated Reflector and Bulb. Replacement Bulb Fits LT-ELF240 UTG 40mm 6V LED Flashlight.

Light Source Type: CREE Q5 LED
Voltage (V): 6
Max. Output (Lumens): High Brightness: 200
Medium Brightness: 100
Low Brightness: 50
Battery Operating Time: High Brightness: 1.5hrs+
Medium Brightness: 3hrs+
Low Brightness: 6hrs+
Reflector Diameter: 40mm

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