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Machete and Boot Knife Combo
Machetes are utilized as both a chopping knife and a jungle axe for clearing vegetation. These Mossberg machetes for sale feature 18-inch saw back Machete blade and Boot Knife combo kit both comes with sheaths and is one of the most adaptable blade systems that you can own and is awesome for survival and bug-out bags whether you are in the jungle, camping, in combat or hunting. The Mossberg Machete 18 inch black sawtooth steel blade made from rugged durable steel construction and a handguard with a non-slip durable handle the Mossberg boot gives you and extra layer of protection. This machete with sheath attaches to belt or backpacks. Machetes have been used by many cultures all over the world for thousands of years for self-defense and as a utility tool on the farm because of it overall versatility nad they are sill used today.

Machete Specs:
Steel Blade 18 inches
Machete Overall length 24 inches
Sheaths Included & Boot Knife

Regular Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $39.99
You Save: $40.00