AKM-M4B AK-47 Buffer Tube Folding Stock Adapter Mil-Spec Black - AK 47 Accessories - AK 47 Parts

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AK-47 Buffer Tube Folding Stock Adapter Mil-Spec Black
This Mil-spec AK-47 to M4 stock buffer tube AK folding stock adapter is made from high quality black reinforced polymer. The buffer tube folding stock adapter fits most Kalashnikov AKM 47/74 stamped receivers that are straight-cut and square. This AK side folder adapter lets you use six position M16, AR15, and M4 style Mil-Spec diameter collapsible buttstocks on your AK rifle. The folding stock adapter folds to the left side of the receiver and has a steel QD sling mount swivel socket to attach a Military style single point bungee sling. The integral buffer tube is hollow with a storage compartment with a plug for small parts and accessories you may want to carry like CR123 or AA batteries. To fold, you simply push down on the adapter while pulling up on the stock buffer tube and fold. Steel mounting screws are included. It fits Mil-spec diameter stock (AR-15 M4 Style).

Note: Fits Most Straight Cut (Stamped) AK Receivers Check Yours Before Buy! Will Not Fit Any Milled Receivers Or Slant Cut. Will Not Fit The M-70.
We Recommend A Single Point QD Bungee Sling To Go With This  A.5.10.2542 or PVC-GB507B.

We Also Suggest You Get This Mil-spec Six Position Tactical Stock To Go With This Item # B052

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We suggest a Mil -Spec Stock to go with your AK buffer tube folding stock adapter - We have AR-15 M4 stocks on sale for your AK folding stock adapter and AK Accessories.
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