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AR-15 Rifle Disassembly & Reassembly Gun-Guides® Manual
The Complete AR-15 Rifle Disassembly & Reassembly Gun-Guides® AR-15 Manual. Covers AR-15 Modern Sporting Rifle Disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly for all models. Manual for your Colt, Bushmaster, Olympic Arms, Armalite, Rock River, DPMS, Stag Arms, and countless other manufacturers. The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models. 26 pages & 42 + high-resolution gray scale images. Gun-Guides Made in the USA.

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Excerpt from this AR-15 Gun Guide Manual: Brief history of the M16 / AR-15® AR is an abbreviation for “Armalite Rifle”. 1959: Colt acquires manufacturing and marketing rights to the AR-10 and AR-15 from designer Eugene Stoner and Armalite. Eventually the AR-15 was adopted as the select-fire M16. 1962: Colt gets US Department of Defense order of 85,000 M16’s for Vietnam and 19,000 for the Air Force. Mid 60’s: The M16A1 was updated with a new buffer to reduce the rate of fire, chrome plated chamber and barrel, closed prong flash hider, forward assist, new buttstock with cleaning kit, and a 30 round magazine. Rifles were also produced by GM and Harrington & Richardson during the Vietnam war as well as outside the USA. 1978: The M16A2 was produced using an increased barrel diameter, rifling was changed from 1:12 to 1:7 to accommodate a new 62 gr. bullet, modified rear sight, case deflector, new round handguard, and full-auto was replaced with three round burst.

1994: The M4 was adopted based on a demand for a shorter lightweight weapon. The M4 has a 14.5” barrel and a four position telescoping stock. Collapsed length is under 30 inches. Now available in 3 shot burst or full-auto. M4’s are also equipped with a Picatinny-Weaver Rail System to replace the carry handle. Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 was passed. 2009: The National Shooting Sports Foundation created the term “Modern Sporting Rifle” to introduce the AR-15 platform to the hunting market.