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Personal Firearms Record Log Book Gun-Guides®
The personal firearms record log book is an essential accessory for anyone who owns firearms. A "Personal Firearms Record Book" helps law enforcement in the investigation and recovery of your firearms if they are ever stolen or lost. This personal firearms record log book by Gun Guides organizes all your guns vital information for all of your firearms into one log book and it includes 30 forms. One form per page. The Personal Firearms Log Book Forms each contain fields to identify and describe your specific firearm by the manufacturer, serial number, model, action, finish, barrel length, repairs or modifications, attached accessories or optics, and other unique characteristics found only on your firearms. These Personal Firearms Log Book Forms also contain fields to record storage location, where you acquired the firearm, current value (firearm, accessories, magazines, optics, etc), date sold, and ample room for you to add your specific notes about each firearm. All firearms are quickly referenced using your Index of Firearms page. Fields are self-explanatory and provide all the required information for your collection, family, or potential insurance claims. Collectors may want to consider separate log books for each category of firearms in their collection, such as Rifles, Shotguns, and Handguns. The comb binding book lies flat and open on your table or work bench.

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