CHSKS Sks / AK 47 Tubular Stock Cleaning Kit - SKS Rifle Accessories

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Sks / AK 47 Tubular Stock Cleaning Kit
The best stock Sks / AK 47 tubular cleaning kit for military assault SKS and AK-47 Rifles. Designed to fit in the original butt-stock on most Russians and Chinese Norinco SKS's and most AK's that have a trap door. Tool kit brush and jag are internally threaded to fit on original rifle cleaning rod. Sks cleaning kit parts included 7.62x39mm bore brush, cleaning jag, punch, blank firing adaptor, takedown tool carrying tube/handle. The 2 piece storage tube is used as handle for cleaning rod.

Tube Made Of All Steel Construction
Black Oxide Finish
Cleaning Jag
Blank Firing Adapter
Muzzle Protector
Takedown tool
Carrying Tube/Handle

Note: This is a new cleaning kit not used surplus loaded with cosmoline you do not have to clean them. Ready to use out of the package.

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